Learn How to Start a Cash
Only Medical Practice

Many of us know that the average physician of today often leads a quite hectic lifestyle…

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A Physician’s Complete Guide
to a Successful Medical House
Call Practice

In these times of managed care, HMO’s, increased malpractice insurance..

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A Nurse Practitioner’s Complete Guide to a Successful Medical House Call Practice

In these times of managed care, HMO’s, increased malpractice insurance …

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Still Unsure Whether You Should Start a Cash Only Medical Practice? – Consider the Following Facts:

  • Regardless of who is right or wrong in the ongoing debate as to whether managed health care is a curse or a gift, the distrust of MCOs continues to grow amongst the majority of Americans. According to a Harris Company survey, as little as 37% of Americans believe that MCOs would actually take the right decision to help a patient suffering from a serious condition.
  • MCOs are ranked up there with the tobacco corporations in terms of their unpopularity.
  • Over the past few decades, MCOs have continued to raise their premiums. In fact, after President Clinton created the Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the healthcare industry, which led to the patient’s Bill of Rights, it was during this time that MCOsincreased their premiums up to five times higher than the inflation rate. The reason for doing this was so that they could cover the cost of any accountability that might occur if patients were to sue them.
  • According to research, the cost of healthcare is the leading cause for corporate and personal bankruptcies. In fact, many major companies will actually spend more on healthcare than they would on developing their primary products.
  • A staggering 15% of the population in the USA doesn’t have medical insurance, and there is a large number that is also underinsured.
  • Close to $400 billion is spent on administrative bureaucracy (red tape) in this industry. This is around 31% of the money that goes into healthcare. It is difficult not to scratch your head on this one, especially when the whole point of managed healthcare was implemented so that it could be affordable to everyone, and that it’s whole implementation was in order to control costs such as this.

Patients Continue to Yearn for the Traditional Primary Care Physician

Let’s step back and take a closer look at the mindset of most Americans. There is still a strong yearning for the traditional physician that most of the older generation continue to remember, and have passed on to their children. The main reason for this is due to the strong doctor-patient relationship that occurred during those times. As far back as the 1960s, and even further, primary care physicians were one of the most trusted members of society. The reason for this is because of the amount of personal care that they would provide for their patients, and they were also very compassionate.

This compassion played a crucial role, back as far as the 1940s, just before antibiotics were implemented, and so the only thing that doctors had to go by was the amount of compassion that they could offer to those that were seriously ill. In fact, many of these physicians would go out and make house visits if their patients were too sick. Traditional PCPs would also call their patients to check up on them.

It is this type of service that is almost impossible to get when dealing with MCOs, and is one of the main reasons why patients have such a strong feeling of distrust.When a person visits thedoctor today, they usually have to wait a very long time before they see their physician, and in most cases, will actually be speaking to a nurse practitioner instead of the doctor. Once the nurse has made a diagnosis, the primary care physician doesn’t do much, except to confirm the diagnosis that the nurse practitioner made.

The patient will almost never get a call back from the doctor to check on them, and if any treatment is required, or the patient needs to be referred to a specialist,there is a lot of red tape to cut through in order to achieve the end goal. Not a very close doctor-patient relationship, is it?

This Is the Reason Why There Is a Growing Demand for Housecall Doctors

When you consider that all of these changes occurred within the last 40 years, you can understand why most Americans feel this way, and why there is still a strong, growing demand for housecall Doctors, and this model is perfect for both nurse practitioners and physicians.

However, a successful medical practice cannot only depend on a lucrative idea. In the end, regardless of whether you are a nurse practitioner or physician, when you open up your fee-for-service practice, you are running a business, and without the right information at hand, it is almost impossible to make that dream become a reality.

Our High Quality Guides Are Designed to Help Physicians and Nurse Practitioners Create Successful Practices

A lot of research and care has been put into our guides, and anyone who is looking to open a medical practice will be able to learn the following:

  • Crucial steps needed in order to start your practice.
  • A deeper look into the legal requirements to ensure that you are doing everything by the book.
  • In-depth information on keeping records and dealing with taxes.
  • Sound knowledge on successfully managing the finances of your business.
  • Powerful information to help you implement effective marketing and advertising strategies so that your medical practice can continue to grow and remain successful.